Monday, January 18, 2010

Shampoo Bar Update

So far so good. The shampoo bars seems to be working nicely for my husband. If a shampoo/shampoo bar doesn't work for him, his head gets itchy after a day or so. He's been using it for three or four days now and all is good! Yippee! As for me, I'm using the bar as a facial soap. I can't say I'm seeing any changes in particular but I'm going to keep using it. The lather is not overly bubbly but more foamy and creamy. I rub it on my hands and at first it isn't much but once I'm rubbing away, then it gets all foamy and lovely. If it weren't so strong on the essential oils, I would be tempted to use it as a regular soap bar.

I'm still hoping to get to the facial masque soon. Busy weekend!

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