Monday, October 4, 2010

Gonna send that FO to the corner!

I worked with an extraordinarily naughty fragrance oil yesterday. I wanted to give it a major time-out. I used WSP's Mid-Summers Night. I removed some soap to remain unscented and then added the fragrance oil. First off the oil is an amber color so that threw off my whole plan from there. Then the moment the fragrance oil hit the soap it immediately began ricing and curdling the soap. I tried stick blending for a bit and that helped some. I decided to run the soap through a sieve so that I could break down the lumps. That worked until the soap was super thick. So then I whisked the remaining soap and got in a good workout! I had intended to color some of the soap blue and some of the soap green. So I divided the soap and colored it as planned. It wasn't the color I wanted due to the amber-ness of the fragrance oil but I decided to just go with it. At this point the soap was so thick that it had a grainy, curdled texture to it amongst the soap-on-a-stick. I knew a swirl was out so I glopped in some blue and some green and some blue again. Then I had the plain, unscented soap yet to use so I poured it on top and worked it in some. I dolloped the remaining soap and attempted to do a little swirl on top but that did not work due to how thin the unscented soap was. So anyhoo---this one really makes me laugh and it should be interesting to see what it looks like unmolded.

I glittered one loaf and left the other plain as it is a very manly scent.

It definitely has a weird texture.

Also an update on the pumpkin cream pie soap. I ended up getting a partial gel in one loaf and not so much of one on the other. It also almost looks like the fragrance oil didn't blend in well. I am sure it's going to get much darker still.


Jennifer Young said...

I love hearing about your soaping details... as I have those mishaps in my experimenting as well... from batteries running out on my scale mid-measuring, to dropping the stick blender & spraying... to seizing... well look foward to seeing a picture of the cut soap! xo Jen

Amy W said...

This should definitely be an interesting one to see unmolded! Can't wait!

Splurge Sisters said...

I just made a soap and it riced on me for the first time in ages. I've left it to rest and will rebatch it tomorrow. I hate when that happens.