Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two New Remakes

Today I got back into my soaping zone and cranked out a couple of remakes. It seems that I've been more inspired to re-design our favorites than to soap something new.

The first I did was my camo soap only I added avocado this time so I'm calling it Camocado. :) My last batch had colored lather so I went easy on the colorants this time but now I'm a bit disappointed. It's way too light but I had already used plenty of colorant and I didn't want to over due it. It's scented with bay rum.

The second I soaped was Acai Berries and Satin. I'd formally called it my Sparklebrook Signature soap. It still can be that if we want it to be. :P The last one was pink, purple, and blue and this one is pink, purple, and green. The swirl does not go through the entire soap. The main body of the soap is green. It's really pretty.

I tried a new recipe with these batches. Once again I'm feeling unsettled and experimental with my recipe. The oils are the same but I adjusted the percentages a bit. I'm also liking my latest recipes without cream so these ones don't have cream either.

My next batch (if it doesn't change in the next two minutes) will be a gentle buttermilk and calendula batch using my most favorite chamomile lavender essential oil blend. After that, I have some super fun batches planned! SUPER. FUN.

I am uploading some more videos to YouTube but it's taking forever!


Splurge Sisters said...

All your soaps sound great but I love the purple and pink one. I too am always experimenting on my recipes but just adjusting percentages slightly. I just love to experiment. I'm looking forward to your cut photos.

jabonani said...

Son muy bonitos tus jabones, seguro que cuando los partas se verán aun más bonitos, enhorabuena, saludosss