Sunday, August 7, 2011

Been Makin' Soap!

Supplies arrived and an afternoon of opportunity presented itself and so today I made soap! It was so nice to spend a Sunday afternoon downstairs making soap. The process did start getting long and some litsea essential oils were stinging my hands so by the time I was done I was really ready to be done. Here are my accomplishments of the day!

The pink one on top is Raspberry Creme. The base is plain and will turn brown. Next is Frosted Lime Cupcake and the base is also plain and will go brown. On the bottom is my pride and joy. :) I remade Rainbow soap and the colors are brighter and the topping is nicer and I'm just all around happier with this one.

The base of the soap is rainbow layered with swirled dollops on top.

I have videos but I don't know that I'll get any uploaded tonight. Look for them tomorrow!

1 comment:

Dragon (Karen) said...

The tops of your soaps look amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing your cut bars.

What fragrance is your Rainbow soap? Those colours are gorgeous!