Monday, December 24, 2012

Catching Up Again!

Cherished - scented in a dupe of the ever popular Love Spell fragrance - the yellow originally morphed flame orange but it has calmed back to the yellow I wanted originally -

Rainbow Soap - this is such a popular and fun soap - scented in a blend of juicy, ripe pears, and sweet, pear candies -

I did not do a making video on this one because 1)I've done it on YT many times now and 2)this batch was big and labor intensive and took quite a while to make.

Berried Treasure - I used some soap chunks from the Rainbow soap to create 'treasures' and embedded them in gold soap topped with a gold mica line. I then poured a raspberry layer and topped it with a bright blue mica line. The top layer is a fun, bright blue and topped with glitter of course! This soap is scented in a tart blend of goji berries, loganberries, and gooseberries. I've never used a berry scent like this and I love it so much -

Dashing Soap - scented in a masculine cologne scent similar to Bleu de Chanel. This scent knocked my socks off! It is my most favorite masculine scent so far. The scent is so complex that it would take a mind-numbing paragraph to list all the notes. :-) -

And finally, a soap shelf update for you!

This post has me wanting to get into the soap kitchen today and get back to work, but alas, there are cornflake wreaths and sugar cookies to make!

Happy Holidays!


Cee Gee said...

Gorgeous as always Holly, you've been busy!!! Wishing you all the best for the new year!

Anne-Marie said...

OMG, your soaps are really the dang cutest! :)

Holly said...

Thank you Cee and Anne-Marie!

Sarah said...

I love the swirls. Your soaps are all so nice!