Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy Busy!

I've been busy once again! Last week was all about transporting kids back and forth to the grandparent's house and cleaning and all that jazz. It was a great week but left little time for creating. I made these soaps just before things got hectic.

(Unfortunately, Blogger has changed the settings again and I haven't quite figured out how to choose to make the photo larger and centered.)

Captivated - a blend of sweet red raspberry syrup and newly bloomed lilacs. Now that the soap has had about 10 days to cure, I can now pick up on those individual notes but it still remains to be a more complex scent than those two notes. It is very Spring-like indeed. I did a mica swirl (as mastered and explained here by Emily of the Soap and Restless blog. I definitely have room to improve but I really like how it turned out.

I had made some plain colors for a Princess Kisses remake but I wasn't happy with the intensity of the colors so I made some soap balls with the soap instead. I added some cute little soap berries to the top of the remake of Pink Berry Mimosa.

I still had plenty of soap left so I rolled some more soap balls and mixed up some fun colors and made Polka Dot Paradise. It is scented in a white tea and apricot fragrance that is quite yummy and also very Spring-like.

I also gave banana soap a try. I made Banana Oatmeal Cream. It has an oatmeal, milk, and honey scent but it isn't the one that most of us are used to using. It has more of a baked bread scent. With the banana added, it seems very banana bread-like. It's yummy smelling! There is a bit of yellow colored soap in the middle and a bit on the top but it has blended in quite a bit. The soap has darkened a bit since this picture but really not a whole lot.

As always, you can find the videos on my YouTube channel.


Anne-Marie said...

Glad you are back! I've been missing seeing your absolutely fabulous soaps. I'm really digging the Polka Dot Paradise with the swirls, it's just so fun. =)

Cee Gee said...

So gorgeous Holly, all of them. I'm intrigued with the banana sounds fantastic!

Jen SoapySuds said...

The banana soap looks divine!! Love the specs against the pale yellow!! Glad you didn't choose "Monkey Farts" as the FO tho. *giggles

Julia V said...

Those are amazing!
I love the Easter ones. So cute!

Julia V said...

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We would love it if you would be interested in doing a guest post over at Le Renifleur, on soap making! :D

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Hope you are interested!