Sunday, May 5, 2013

Having Fun!

I love this whole soap making thing! Anytime I get to make soap is a fun time!

Unfortunately, we just rarely get any sun anymore so it has been a while since I've been able to do my picture set up and take product photos. Really ridonkulous! So these pics will just have to work for now.

The peachy one on the left is Savannah Peach Bellini. It is a delightful blend of sweet Georgia peaches and sparkling white wine. Really yummy scent! The soap balls look sorta like maraschino cherries I think!

This other one is Pink Lemonade. I planned to do a 'Holly Swirl' with the pink and yellow but the soap was getting thick and I had to scrap that idea. I should have made it pink really, but I may just change the name instead. :-D The scent is as the name says, tart and juicy lemonade accented with strawberries and raspberries. The sugar note is very prominent and so it isn't just a lemon scented soap.

I made a new batch of Crema y Cacao on Thursday as well as the colors to embed onto Princess Kisses. I have yet to unmold Crema and I desperately hope it is not a problem. I'm going to need a bigger mold or just do the Crema in a different shape altogether. The 18 bar mold just isn't big enough at this point. I want to work smarter not harder!

The three whitish loaves with the multi-color soap chunks on the top is the Princess Kisses batch that I made on Friday. I have made this soap so many times at this point and every time it makes me so happy. I love the scent and love the colors with the white on top.

The big loaf of soap is a remake of Kaleidosoap. I am so giddy about this one as the colors turned out just as I had imagined! The last batch was more intense like my Rainbow soap and I wanted Kaleidosoap to be brighter and more of a medium intensity. The scent is a custom blend and is fresh and fruity, combining notes of dark plum, ripe pears, juicy berries, bright cantaloupe, apricot nectar, and tropical coconut, with accents of lilac, lily, amber, and vanilla. I love it!

I'm very excited to go get some work done this afternoon! Thank you for stopping by and I do hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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Anne-Marie said...

All of these soaps are absolutely delightful -- I really love the bright colors! =)