Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moving Along With Fall Scents

Hi everyone! Fall production has started! I have made several so far and I'm about half done. I'm hoping to get the rest made within the next week or two. Here are the ones I have made so far! :-)

Montana Huckleberry - Huckleberries are very similar to a blueberries and this fragrance also has notes of grapes, raspberries, and peaches. It is a comforting scent for me as I grew up in Montana and huckleberries are big business in Montana. Comfort = Fall for me. I know not everyone will think of huckleberry as a fall scent but I definitely do. This is actually my second batch as the first batch I used full water and the fragrance actually reversed trace and so it's quite soft. It might be ready by Fall 2014. ;-)

Country Cabin - reminiscent of a cozy evening by the fire, crackling evergreen and pine, essence of cinnamon, clove, and patchouli, and the faint sweetness of dripping beeswax candles.

Toffee Apple - a decadent scent of tart granny smith apples, drenched in creamy caramel, and rolled in toffee bits. This soap has darkened up a bit since I took the picture but not a lot.

Maple Leaves - an earthy but gorgeous scent of dried leaves, maple wood, new dawn blossoms, laurel, sweet clove, balsam, patchouli, and sandalwood.

These three are new as of last night!

I made a couple non-Fall soaps as well.

Sweet Pea

The other is Old Spice Type but I don't have a picture of it yet. It is just a plain cream-colored bar. Nothing too fancy for the men. :-)

I'm hoping to make a couple more batches today if I get the chance. As always, you can find the making and cutting of most of these soaps on my YouTube Channel. Thank you for stopping by!


Cynthia-Rose Julian said...

Montana Huckleberry looks very comforting. Gorgeous looking soap.

Anonymous said...

I'm always drooling whenever you post your new creations! Too bad I didn't see these when making my recent purchase. Love love the way your soaps look! Can't wait to smell and use them! :-)

Blanca said...

Hola, como siempre me gustan mucho tus jabones.
Saludos desde España.
Un abrazo.

Bill Stewart said...

That is amazing. I wish I knew how to use homemade natural soap ingredients to make soap. That would be awesome. I could save some money too.

Anne-Marie said...

I just love all your new soaps, the colors just pop! =)

Оксана Мыльчик said...

Very pretty soap!