Monday, February 22, 2010

A Different Sparkle and Other Matters

The silver lining to freezing rain is the next morning when everything is nice and sparkly as the sun shines. It is a beautiful winter wonderland here this morning. The pictures don't show the sparkle but believe me, it's beautiful.

My husband had to make a trip to Wal-mart yesterday and I asked him to look for a small glass cup for measuring fragrance oils and such and he came home with two of these.

They are so cute. They are 5 oz so just over a half a cup. I have one of those shot glass measuring cups but I found I use more than an oz of most things. I was so excited about them that I was giddy. I was admiring them again this morning as I put them away in their new home with the rest of their new equipment family. They'll have a happy life here. :)

My Sparkly Clean soap is out of the freezer and I'm so happy with the color. It is the exact blue that I wanted! I thought it was going to lean towards a green tint but it doesn't look that way right now. I will cut it tomorrow afternoon.


Artisan Soaps said...

Very pretty! And *yay* for soap colour actually turning out as desired ..

We get cut pics tomorrow right? I'm not being pushy about this - much :P

Milla said...

Funny as I have the same 5 oz glass container and the shot glasses too. I bought 2 of the containers, but when I was washing one I broke it! I had my hand in there and my shear strength shattered it. LOL!

Freezing rain is sparkly, but it usually means broken tree limbs and power outages! Hopefully your power stayed on!

Can't wait to see cut pics!

Holly said...

I better be careful when washing those cups then!

The ice didn't get very thick, just enough to be pretty. We were out yesterday afternoon as the sun was starting to set. It was so pretty! It did break one good-sized limb on our willow tree. The wind picked up for a while and I was a little nervous about power outages but we all did ok.