Monday, April 26, 2010

Been Busy But Not With Soap

We repainted the kids bedrooms this weekend and that is why I didn't get any soaping done!

Julie's room before (taken from the online real estate listing):

Julie's room after:

Gabe and Ben's room before (taken from the online real estate listing):

Gabe and Ben's room after:

The kitchen and our bedroom is next!


tenth avenue soapworks said...

I'm not gutsy enough to use dark colors myself, but the rooms really "pop" now! They look fabulous (and like a LOT of work)!!

Kim said...

I absolutely love the colors you chose! Really nice!

Amy W said...

Great colors!!! One of these days I will post the final reveals on my girls' rooms.... Ha!!

Susannah Iredale said...

Great work on the painting, I love the colours I should get motivated and paint my kids rooms.

yummy suds said...

I LOVE the colors! Very nice H! :)

~Liv~ said...

Great color choices!!!