Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Grumpy Girl Christmas

If felt like Christmas anyway. Except that I paid for my own gifts. Hmmm....

Anyway! It took almost a month to get this package in but it's very understandable as I do believe they were flooded with orders, and then an injury of some sort also occured. It just made me more giddy when the package finally arrived today!

I love Grumpy Girl's website. The font and colors really catch my eye. I've heard great things about them and finally had to try them myself.

Here is what I ordered:

A deliciously scented coffee sugar scrub:

Banana scent:

Strawberry Scent:

Orange Creamsicle Scent:

Vanilla Scent:

A Different Strawberry Scent:

Look at the pretty glitter!

Apple Scent:

You all know that I LOVE glitter on soap and most of these bars have glitter of some sort sprinkled on the top! I really like the packaging as well. I liked that it was wrapped up nice and not making any messes but yet I could see the soap. I received a few fun samples including a lip balm. They also packed in a small game thing and a big toosie roll. Woo-hoo!

I am apparantly on a mission to not use any of my own soaps! :-)


Topcat said...

Holly, what a haul! The Strawberry Anarchy is sooo pretty. Hope you will review them on here when you get a chance to try them all :)

tenth avenue soapworks said...

You're right--Merry Christmas! They look great; I'm looking forward to knowing what you think of them. (I love the names, too!)

Edith said...

wow those look gorgeous I bet they smell good too