Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two More!

I was able to fit in two more loaves of soap this weekend. Woo-hoo! I made one big batch and split it into a Lilac loaf and a Tangerine Vanilla loaf. I tried a new recipe with these and I'll be eager to see what the results are with unmolding and with use.

Tangerine Vanilla - orange soap with white swirls and white topping.

Lilac - was supposed to have the same white swirl but silly me, I forgot the FO and had to dump it back in the pot and mix in the FO but at least I had some leftover white soap for the topping.

My theory on using the freezer paper for handles did not work so well. The soap went under the paper. I kind of thought that would happen but I tried it anyway.


Susannah Iredale said...

These soaps look great I love the sparkle you put in your soaps. Its great when you get time to fit in a few batches on weekends I know its hectic for myself with three kids.

Topcat said...

Love them both! Looking forward to seeing them cut :)

Jennifer Young said...

Hi there, I love your moulds! I use wooden log moulds that I have to line each time I use them, hassle. But yours look great. The only silicon moulds I have tried have been great when small, but as soon as they hold large amounts, they distort. Do yours distort? What are the dimensions? Where did you get them? Is Crafters Choice a store? xo Jen

Holly said...


Jennifer - I do love these molds. I totally dislike lining molds so these work for me. I bought mine at Wholesale Supplies Plus. They are the only supplier that I know of that carries them. They are 8" x 3.5" x 2.5". I get 7 bars out of mine but I do cut my bars a smidge bigger than one inch. I don't have troubles with them bowing because they are very solid.

Anyone notice the sneak peek at the camo soap?

Milla said...

LOL, now I see the camo soap. OMG, looks just like the real deal!

Amy W said...

Awesome! You will have to fold your freezer paper differently if you don't want the soap to seep in. I was trying to find the link to the page my friend April showed me. It's the method I still use. Can't find it though. :(