Sunday, July 18, 2010

Carrots n Cream

This Carrots N Cream soap was to be my first batch of castile soap but I decided I'd want to use it sooner than later and so I modified the recipe. It is still mostly olive oil but I did add in some palm kernal oil, avocado oil, and castor oil. It's going to be so luxurious. The main liquid is from aloe juice. Now, I understand that the likelihood of any of the beneficial properties of the aloe coming through the saponification process is slim to none. It just so happens that I had a large jug of it needing to be used up. :-) I mixed the lye with aloe at just over half of the liquid amount. The remainder was made up at trace with pureed carrots and heavy cream. I left it unscented to add to the gentleness of the soap. It's going to be hard waiting for this one. I also used my new pink WSP mold for the first time. I debated what to do to prevent gel in these since my freezer isn't really set up for something of that size. So I came up with a plan and I'll let you know if it works or not.

Now the soap in the blue molds is my first batch of castile! I needed to make up some soap that could be later cubed and/or shredded for future batches. So I chose to go the easy route and did a castile. My olive oil is very light-colored so I think the colors will turn out great. They are a tad dull at the moment but I know they'll "pop" later. The pink is a combo of Celestial Colors and I more than likely over did it again! I bet it's going to be so, so bright! The other colors are pop micas. I love the pop micas. I've had no problems whatsoever with them except for the raspberry which is why I choose not to use it. I might be brave and try again soon though to just see what happens. I think my favorite of all the castile color bars will be the swirled one. So pretty!


The carrot soap is not gelling and is the color of butter right now. It's really pretty.

Pink and Orange:
I'm not sure that the pink is going bright on me this time and it doesn't look like the colorant dispursed very well. But I think it's still a nice color.

Green and Yellow:

Blue and Purple:
I couldn't get a good picture but the blue and purple are much brighter.



Topcat said...

I think you may be pleasantly surprised with the aloe juice at that amount - I recently made a soap with 100% aloe juice and love it! Very creamy, pretty soap you have in the pink mould and you have inspired me to make up batches of coloured soap for shreds now too! :)

tenth avenue soapworks said...

Pretty! I divided up a batch of soap and colored them all different colors. I have had SO much fun adding them to other batches. I think I'll always keep them on hand in the future!

Anne-Marie said...

The recipe sounds awesome and looks buttery and delicious. Love the swirled soap at the bottom. The colors are great!

Ambra said...

I love the colours. What a great idea to have them on hand to use in other soaps. Do you just grate them and throw in as confetti or ?

Amy W said...

Love your castile soaps - and the carrot & cream soap sounds heavenly!! I'm itching to experiment again, but I have a birthday party to throw in a couple days, so don't have the time right now!

Holly said...

Thank you! Ambra, I have incorporated other batches before and I just chunked those and put it on top of the new soap. I thought it was so pretty that way. I'll try shredding for confetti too though.