Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Castile Colors

Here are the colors! I'm really pleased with the shade of each. The pink brightened up on me for sure. I shouldn't have doubted it! :) Now that it's done that to me a few different times with different recipes, I need to remember how it reacts and make sure I don't add so much! It is going to be so fun to use these soaps in future batches.

I was able to unmold the Carrots n Cream soap but it is still a bit too sticky to cut. I really don't like having to wait so long in the summer. The humidity is through the roof!


Amy W said...

Your colors turned out really great! The swirls look fun too. :)

Dörte said...

Wunderbare Farben, ja, es ist einfach zu heiß, zum schneiden!

liebe Grüße Dörte

Anne-Marie said...

Those colors really did brighten up from when you first poured them. Oh and the Carrots and Cream (above) looks awesome. I love the simple texture you made on top!