Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cutie Cow Soaps

These cute cow soaps I made clear back on September 27th! I used mineral oil on the molds and still couldn't get the soaps out. I finally just forgot about them until a couple of weeks ago when I put the molds into the freezer. Well, I don't get into that freezer too often and so I forgot all about them again until I went to get some egg rolls for lunch. :) I had to really work at it and just about broke my thumbs, but I finally got all the animal soaps out of the molds. Hooray!

These cute cows are my favorites out of all the Critters molds. This soap is an unscented pumpkin and cream soap. It was intended to be a soap for my kiddies to use during the dry winter. They should be good and cured now. I am so excited for us to begin using these.

All of the "critters" hanging out on the curing shelf.

You can see a bit of the carrot soaps in the bottom right corner. The pumpkin and carrot soaps are almost the same color.

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Amy W said...

I remember these! I can't even tell you had issues getting them out of the mold - looks like all the soap came out. They'll be fun to use, all right!