Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Swirlies and Such - 100th Post!

Wow - 100 posts already! I've come a long way baby! :) My soaps have definitely improved since I first started blogging.

Yesterday afternoon I made Lemon Fun soap and Pink Salted Grapefruit soap. Both smell so good and turned out quite pretty.

Lemon Fun - 6 color swirl scented with lemon. It was going to be scented in fruit loops (I'm still disappointed that it isn't) but I had some weird seize thing go on with the fragrance and stabilizer before I added it to the batch so I quick went in another direction with the scent.

Pink Salted Grapefruit - it is mostly cream colored (pale yellow maybe from the essential oils) and has two pink layers and one pale orange layer in the middle, similar to my cool water soap. I topped it with some pink himalayan salt. I just want to get a spoon and dig in to that topping. It's so yummy looking!

I used some of the extra grapefruit soap to make teddy bears with cream(again, pale yellow?), pink, and pale orange swirls.

This crazy warped mold is a raspberry chocolate mold. I put it in the dishwasher and I quite obviously should not have. I heated it up and tried to fix it some but it wouldn't budge. So I used it as is and made it work!

This is my set-up to keep my soap from gelling. I soap at room temperature and then keep it in front of a fan for about 24 hours.

I won't be cutting these until tomorrow afternoon at the very least. So be patient for cut pics! :)


A Life Deliberate Soap Co. Blog said...

Lord! The wait is KILLING me!!! ;o)

Sonya said...

Just curious why you don't want it to gel. Do you prefer the texture the other way?

Holly said...

Thanks... I don't gel my soaps because I prefer the lighter colors and the different texture. I admired some soap for a long while and the soap maker told me she doesn't gel and that's just the way I've always done it. To me it's easier to prevent gel than to make sure that it does gel all the way.