Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Colorful Soaping

I did another split batch today. With the first part I made a shallow double-pour (more like double-glopped) pink and yellow soap scented in berry lemonade. I blended the scent myself and I'm excited to continue to whiff it and see how it turns out. So far it smells wonderful. I am going to use that batch to make soap balls for a later batch...hopefully sooner than later.

The other batch is scented with the famous Tooth Fairy Taffy fragrance which smells exactly like bubble gum to me. I know it will attempt to turn dark so I've added a couple of things to try to prevent a major darkening. I really do want to move back to the more natural side but I have lots of fun fragrances to use up first. I will still use fragrance oils but I'll shift more towards more naturally-scented and colored soaps.

The base of the soap is going to be plain with whatever color it turns since I was working with a pretty high vanilla content. I had fun with the top though and did some pink and blue dollops.

I thought this was a fun scent but it almost took my breath away even though I didn't use as much per pound of oil that I normally would. Too me it's a bit overly sweet so I don't know if it is one I will remake or not. But it was a fun one to make.

Videos of the making of these soaps will soon be uploaded to my YouTube channel.


Olivia said...

i'm new to soaping & wondering all sorts of things. like if you want your soaps to be whiter but still natural what are your tips & tricks to try!
i love all the great soap blogs you have listed on your blog! delicious eye candy and so informational too!

Amy W said...

We are totally on the same page. I'm trying to use up fragrances too. Hoping it will help with my daughter's allergies... The soaps look fabulous!