Thursday, July 28, 2011

Salt Bars!

I have to thank Brambleberry for the inspiration for yesterday's salt bar making. I knew I wanted to make soap in the afternoon but after seeing their newsletter in my inbox, I was inspired to make salt bars. The pink and white salt bars are very similar to the tutorial in the newsletter. I'd had the idea to make a pink and white salt bar scented in pink grapefruit with pink himalayan salt on the top for quite some time. But seeing how beautiful Brambleberry's soap was, I just had to make my version. I did split my batch and also made some facial salt soaps to try.

So here is the Pink Grapefruit Salt Bar. It's scented with pink grapefruit and litsea essential oils. I used fine sea salt for my base salt and then just topped the soap with some chunky pink himalayan salt and some glitter of course.

These salt bars have an essential oil combo of tea tree, chamomile, lavender, pink grapefruit, and peppermint. I added just a bit of clay to them as well.

You can watch my salt bar making videos on my YouTube channel. I will unmold my soaps later today!


A Life Deliberate Soap Co. Blog said...

They look almost like a yummy muffin! LOL! They sound awesome!

Go Green! said...

I like the idea of watching you work on video. Very helpful!