Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soaping Saturday

I was back in the soap kitchen today after a very long three week hiatus. It was fun but it was also work. I worked with some individual molds. I don't particularly enjoy using them but sometimes ya just gotta.

First I made a batch of grape soda scented soap in my grapes/vine mold. It's colored light purple. I also made three little grapes cows. I way over-estimated my batch so I was able to make 6 hearts as well. These soaps will be for my mom to give away as holiday gifts.

The other part of my soaping extravaganza was to do some fragrance testing. I want to make some holiday soaps and I just felt I should do some testing first. I want to prepare some embeds but if the fragrances totally go awry, I'd just rather not waste my time.

So I mixed up my 6 different fragrances in their batters and added them to the cupcake liners. I had plenty left over so was able to make little thin soaps in the flower molds as well. I sprinkled them with colored glitter to keep them straight as they all looked the same in the mold.

Sparkling Plum:

Christmas Wreath:

Bonfire Bliss:

Winter Wonderland:

Sparkling Poinsettias:

Cantaloupe Lily:

The Cantaloupe Lily is not a holiday scent but was a clearance item so I figured I ought to test it anyway. I must say, I loved all of the fragrances! That rarely happens. I'm really excited to watch them and see what happens in this next week before I can start soaping them.

Stay tuned!


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Do you spray your plastic molds before pouring? I've tried using the plastic molds, and it's always a disaster! The soap always sticks:(

Holly said...

It's gone both ways for me. I've had great luck with them before and then once they just plain wouldn't budge. I ended up ruining the mold. I used plenty of mineral oil and added some SL to make sure the soap would be good and hard. We'll see!