Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pink Sugar

It's an addiction. It all started when my friend Kyme from Alamo Candelaria sent me a handmade candle in the pink sugar scent. That is all it took. Since then, I've gotten in my own fragrance oil (a big bottle and I never buy big bottles!) and have made three smaller candles myself.

Today I made soap. :-) I know that pink sugar goes super duper dark so I only fragranced about 1/3 of the batter and reduced the amount of fragrance I would have used for the entire batch. It won't be as strong, but I think pink sugar can easily be subtle and still enjoyable. The making did not go as I had planned. I haven't made soap in a few weeks and whenever I go long stretches, I tend to lose my groove and over blend and make small mistakes. In the end, it should still be lovely. The yellow you see will turn dark brown and I've also mixed in white and pink colored soap. The top is sprinkled with diamond dust glitter, pink glitter, pink sugar crystals, pink sprinkles, and topped with a bit more diamond dust glitter for good measure. ;-)

The reason why I've taken such a long break with making soap is 1) I have way too much soap on my shelf and 2) I've been learning to make candles! It's been so much fun and frustrating too but I absolutely love it. I may love it more than making soap! I will have to take some pictures of some of the candles I've made. Mainly, it's just testing, testing, testing right now. Oh, and more testing!


Michelle Somers said...

I've made candles for a long time and can attest to hoe time consuming it is and I also make a pink sugar candle.


Anne-Marie said...

I'm super loving that pink sugar soap, it's totes adorbs!

Topcat said...

This is one of your prettiest soap tops yet! Well, if you love pink as I do anyway <3

Lynn said...

Really? You might like making candles more than you like making soap?