Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Testing Fall Fragrances

It's that time already! I'm testing fall fragrances so I can determine if I want to make a full batch of any of them. Since I don't gel my soaps (typically) and thus don't oven process, etc., I do like my soaps to have a good long cure. So ideally, I will need to make my fall soaps within the next month to six weeks. I need to be able to see how the soaps change in scent and color and then use them to see if I like them. I will be testing holiday scents soon as well! Can you even process that? LOL!

I used the new delightful mold that my hubby built for me. I wanted to be able to test 1 pound batches and 1 oz of fragrance and still have the same size soaps as my regular batches. Since this mold has adjustable slats, I can also make soap in 2, 3, and 4 pound batches as well.

Coconut Pear - now I do realize this isn't a fall fragrance, in fact it is very tropical and possibly a new favorite - but I had to try it so fit it in!

Southern Pecan Pie - sorta speaks for itself!

Caramel Apple - this is my own blend of duh, apple and caramel, and it's uber yummy!

Butternut Pumpkin - this is a typical fall scent, pumpkin and spices.

Since I made these on Tuesday, I'll be cutting them this afternoon!


The Green Lady said...

the butternut pumpkin sounds yummy!

Celine Blacow said...

Oh they all look fabulous and I love the sound of them all. But I cannot imagine planning Autumn/Winter soaps until after I've had my Summer holidays!!! x

Anne-Marie said...

They all look fabulous! I can't believe that you are testing soaps for the fall already, we've just barely got summer up here in the Pacific Northwest. =)

dragonsong86 said...

My mom said she wanted a summer fruit soap, but didn't tell me till June, so now I gotta scramble to have one cured in August. I think you're smart to think ahead!

A Life Deliberate Soap Co. Blog said...

Yer killin' me....