Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catching Up

Last week was a fun and busy week as the kids were at their grandparents house and I had lots of time to play and I used it! :-)

The first soaps that I made were Vanilla & Oats and Chocolatte.

Vanilla & Oats is unscented. I added colloidal oatmeal, cream, reduced vanilla (for color), and some vanilla bean seeds for exfoliation. It has a sweeter scent than a regular unscented soap and I love how it turned out.

Chocolatte is scented in a chocolate/coffee/cream scent. I added reduced coffee, a touch of cream, and some ground coffee to the white part of the batter. At the point these pictures were taken, the soap hadn't discolored much. I will take some new and post them soon.

From there I went to a couple of bright and cheery soaps!

Pink Confetti contains an entire bar of rainbow soap and is scented in a fizzy citrus/spring floral scent.

The other bright soap is named Pink Flurry. I did this one in a double-pour fashion. It is scented in a bright berry/citrus scent.

There were some candles in there too!

Yesterday I got back in the soap kitchen and made three more. I am really on a roll!

This one is Blackberry Crumble and I hope it to be the first in a 'Crumble' series. I blended my own fragrance for this one and it's a mix of blackberries, oatmeal, honey, sugar, cream, and cinnamon. I love how it looks! I suspected it would heat up so I used my wood mold, covered it, and wrapped it in towels hoping for a gel. We'll see!

I was really eager to soap this next scent. It is called Red Maple Leaves and it is mildly floral with some crunchy leaf earthiness. It really does remind one of sitting outside during the fall season. It's coming right up!

Finally, I soaped a salty sea fragrance. I'm calling this soap Sea Mist. It tried to rice on me but I whipped it into submission and then topped it off with a bit of glitter and some sea salt.

Please visit my YouTube for available videos on these. I wasn't able to upload the making of Pink Confetti and Pink Flurry so you won't find those unfortunately. I'm also struggling with my camera right now. My usual camera is having a hard time taking pictures and so we purchased a newer version with HD video capabilities but the sound is not right on it. So there won't be any making videos of Blackberry Crumble, Red Maple Leaves, or Sea Mist either. I hope to remedy the situation soon.

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dragonsong86 said...

Holly....gelled a soap.... *confused* I must be reading the wrong blog. :P heehee!

maja said...

They all are beautiful! I believe those in moulds are amazing,as well. Love the colours!

Jenny said...

You've been busy, Holly! All of your soaps are stunning. I especially like the looks of the Vanilla & Oats and the Pink Flurry.

Heather Winberg said...

The blackberry crumble video disappeared after I commented on it!!! =( It turned out super nice!! <3 Heather (Xeradorie from youtube.. I even have a blog now!)