Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love & Bubbles - In The Mold

This soap was so fun to make and the kind that I get so excited about. I love color and I tend to soap with multiple colors in each soap. I'm experimenting with some new colors that are replacing my POP colors and I'm so happy with them.

I'm calling this soap Love & Bubbles which is probably a totally tacky name but I like it so whatevs. ;-) It is scented in a bubbly, effervescent, ginger ale, champagne type scent. It is very nice and my kids thought it smelled like 7-UP. It was definitely a favorite for them!


Jenny said...

Cool soaps, Holly - I can't wait to see them cut! I have a Ginger Ale FO that I'm looking forward to using, too. I wish I could get my tops to look as pretty as yours - I can never seem to make texturized peaks no matter how hard I try.

Themizduck said...

I love the name! And I love the soap, too! Beautiful :)