Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Last Four

Let's talk about the last four soaps I made. They are also the last four soaps for a while. I am totally out of supplies and haven't had the gumption to place a new order yet. I'll be doing that soon but then I'll have to wait on them to get here. This is a forced hiatus as I call it. :-)

This first soap is a remake of Camocado soap. This is a masculine/cologne-scented soap and contains fresh avocado and is in a camouflage design. I am still trying to achieve the design from my very first Camocado but I didn't quite get it. I'll have to make it again is all!

This soap is also a remake. It is my Autumn Berry soap and I first made it last year. I absolutely loved the design so I tried my best to make it exactly the same. I think I did a pretty good job at copying my own soap! LOL! This is scented in a cranberry and spice scent. I pick up on some pine or fir in the fragrance as well. It's lovely!

This soap is the next in my Crumble series. This one is Apple Crumble and it smells oh so good! Apples, spices, cream, sugar, and oatmeal. Mmmm...mmmm...I must make the real thing! I'm not sure how much more this soap will darken if any. It has already turned the color that was at the edges. We shall see!

I was thinking about all the wonderful Autumn soaps coming out right now and was thinking about the fact that most are scented. So I decided to jazz up my unscented Sprinkles & Twinkles for Autumn! I've added pureed pumpkin to this soap along with the cream and seasonal sprinkles and twinkles!

As always you can find the videos of the making and cutting at my YouTube channel.

Thank you for stopping by!


Jenny said...

All of your soaps are gorgeous, Holly! I especially love the Autumn Berry - those are some stunning swirls!

Suzy Whitten said...

So pretty, Holly ! I agree with Jenny - loving the swirls. I'm just a sucker for a beautiful color combination and a fine swirl. I took a break as well and may need to again as I'll be moving. My one requirement for my new place? Space to soap! I hope I can find that. Nothing wrong with a break - I'll look forward to your return as I really enjoy what you create. ~Suzy

Anne-Marie said...

What gorgeous soaps, Holly! I'm totally digging the bright yellow color in the last one. :)

Lynn said...

I love all your soaps, and I'm missing you on YouTube. I'm waiting for several deliveries, myself. They aren't quick. Just ordered from Oregon Trails, though, and they're the fastest out of four places.

Heather Winberg said...

I love your soaps Holly! Especially because I get to see the videos too! I love your candle videos as well!! <3 Heather

Anonymous said...

The Autumn Berry with the multicoloured swirls is so pretty, the colours are so vibrant and rich! Just love it. Don't know what it looked like last time, but this one's a sure fire winner from I'm standing.