Friday, January 18, 2013

Bubble Gum Soap and More!

I made a few different soaps last week. I made Bubble Gum Soap, Coffee Shop Soap, and Nectarine & Honey soap.

Making Bubble Gum Soap - it smells just like Bazooka bubble gum! I'm a huge fan!

Making Coffee Shop Soap - I'm testing out a new coffee fragrance. Coffee fragrances tend to fade or take on a bitter scent that isn't always pleasant. I made just one loaf to test it out.

I do not have a video of the Nectarine & Honey soap because I actually ran out of design ideas! I just wanted to test the fragrance for this time so again, only one loaf of this one. I am quite taken back as this fragrance smells nothing of nectarines or honey. Go figure! It is a pleasant scent but I describe it more as citrus with a cereal note, similar to fruit loops type fragrances.

I spontaneously went out of town and wasn't able to cut the soaps until Thursday, when they were one week old. They cut quite nicely actually, though obviously harder than usual.

I love every last thing about the Bubble Gum soap!

We'll have to wait a while to see how dark the Coffee Shop soap gets. I fragranced the entire batch but did lighten a bit for a swirl.

This is the Nectarine & Honey soap. It is naturally the prettiest pale yellow color. It's basic but sometimes we all just need a classy, plain piece of soap ya know? I'm not sure what I'm going to call it, as the fragrance name just doesn't fit.

The store will be opening very soon. Stay tuned!


Jenny said...

Gorgeous soaps, Holly! I love them all, especially the Bubble Gum. I love the big chunks of blue and pink colors. The Coffee Shop soap looks great now - I'll bet it will look even cooler after it darkens some. And the Nectarine & Honey sounds nice, too. A plain bar can be very classy and beautiful!

Cee Gee said...

The bubblegum is such a fun those juicy colors! The swirl in the coffee soap is beautiful, can't wait to see how it changes as it cures. I love the buttery yellow soap too, so soft and pretty!

Anne-Marie said...

I honestly just love your designs. They are so gorgeous and creative. =)

Holly said...

Thank you all! The coffee soap has really darkened a lot. I will need to do an updated picture soon.