Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope your holiday season has been lovely and fun!

I made a couple more soaps last week and I totally forgot to blog about them! Before I get to those soaps though, I had a one soap before that still to show you!

This is the Crema y Cacao - made with double doses of cream and cocoa butter. There is no fragrance added but there is a slight cocoa butter scent.

Unfortunately, I don't have an unmolding video for this soap. I could not get the soap to release from the mold and most of the bars are damaged. I would be pretty upset about this except that this soap is so luxurious and also solid colored and so it isn't that big of a deal. I will most likely offer them at a sale price though once listed. If anyone has a divider mold, I would love unmolding advice. I have used the dividers twice before and the soaps released wonderfully. This soap was especially hard already at less than 24 hrs so maybe that was the problem. I'm thinking I will use some mineral oil on the dividers before I use it next time.

So now to the purple soaps! I guess I was in a purple mood last week. I was even wearing a purple shirt! ;-)

I went back to my very first design for my Black Raspberry Vanilla soap. I just loved how it looked and the apricot kernel powder gave a lovely, light exfoliation.

I only have a cutting video for this soap as it was so cloudy that I decided to not do a making video that day.

This is what my very first Black Raspberry Vanilla soap looked like. I think it was also my 3rd cold process soap ever. I'd made CPHP soaps for a couple of years before I tried just CP. This was three years ago this month.

I've come a long way Baby!

I made a new batch of Confetti Blossom and went purple with it this time. It has confetti from my latest Rainbow soap batch. This soap is scented in a sweet spring floral blend of hydrangea, peonies, and tulips. The scent is not perfume-like but straight up floral. It's very nice!

I did go ahead with a video for this one so I'm not sure why I didn't just make one for the Black Raspberry Vanilla.

Well, that catches me up for last year! I'm trying to decide what I want to make today!


Anne-Marie said...

I love these soaps! I especially love the little flecks of color in the Confetti Blossom, it's so totes adorbs.

SoDakSoaper {Kalla} said...

They're all beautiful...I'm loving the BRV one!

Sarah said...

Your black raspberry vanilla is beautiful and that is one of my favorite scents!

Allen Briggs said...

I love the Confetti Blossom soap. Not only is it a beautiful soap... the smells you are putting in them sounds gorgeous.


Allen Briggs said...

I love the confetti blossom. The colors are amazing even with the confetti being so small. Throw in a great smell and this is a great soap!


Holly said...

Thank you Ladies!