Monday, December 20, 2010

Carrots & Cream Remake And A Batch Of Bay Rum

I have long been out of Carrots & Cream and have discovered that I'm not okay with that situation. It is such a gentle soap and the air is so dry which makes skin so much more sensitive. It was not a good one to be out of. I chose to make a big batch and split it in two. The orange soap is plain and just has carrots and cream added.

The other half of the batch (the brown one) has a masculine bay rum scent. I made it for my husband in particular. I figured I could work with the orange from the carrots as long as I was at it. The main body of the soap is the same as the plain. For the topping, I added some copper color to a bit of soap and swirled it around a bit. I sprinkled just a smidge of gold to the top for a little sparkle. I had to add a little sparkle in there somehow!

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Amy W said...

I would love to make a good moisturizing facial soap. I am actually using someone else's soap on my face because I'm not happy with any of mine!