Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Life Deliberate Soap Co.

A Life Deliberate Soap Co is a bath and body business based in Michigan. I'm honored to say that the owner, Lori, has become a friend of mine. She makes several fabulous products that I splurge on often but there is one product that I can't live without. I tried once and it didn't go well. :) The product I am in absolute love with is the Gourmet Body Mousse. I didn't order it at first but instead some soaps and the dead sea mud scrub but she stuck in a sample of the body mousse and I quickly become addicted. She formulates the most dreamy scent called Chocolate Covered Raspberries. I am goofy for that scent. It is a specialty scent and not always available. I have tried several other scents as well, including Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Wild Strawberries, Summers Night, and Unscented.
Scents aside, it's the way the mousse moisturizes that keeps me coming back for more and more. For me, it is the ideal moisturizer. It's thick but light, slides on nice and smooth but it isn't greasy, and it seals and protects my skin for hours and hours afterwards. I have used many lotions, thick and thin, natural and drugstore, and this is the only one that is the complete package for me. I've given it as gifts and have gotten the same reviews back about this glorious product. The oils used are very luxurious and include red raspberry oil (sounds dreamy on it's own!), macadamia nut oil, and avocado butter.

Not only is the mousse top-notch, but Lori whips up some amazing cold process soaps as well. I've tried many of them and as soon as she debuts a new scent, I usually have to have it. Now as a soap maker, I have rows and rows of my own soap ready and waiting to be used, but there is just something wonderful about splurging on a luxuriously made soap that isn't made by me. :)

I have yet to try all the different products offered by A Life Deliberate, but I can highly recommend the body mousse, (I get the unscented for my daughter), the deep conditioning cream, and the goat milk and aloe body butter, the soaps, and the scrubs.

I'm a bit of a product junkie and have ordered from many Etsy shops and other online retailers but I keep coming back to A Life Deliberate Soap Co, time and time again. Go get ya some!

A Life Deliberate Soap Co


Lori said...

You are made of awesome :)

Anne-Marie said...

Wow. That product looks delicious - absolutely light and frothy and luscious. It sounds great.