Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Soapings - Just Poured

I had that wild hair to go make soap again today and I'm so happy I did. I made three successful batches. Also, I was going to clean when I came back upstairs from my soaping zone and found that my hubby had cleaned the bathrooms and done the other cleaning too. WIN-WIN! :)

Chamomile Lavender Cream: For those that know me, they know that I love this combo. I've made it many times with different recipes and different milks. My favorite milk right now is heavy whipping cream and so that is what I used in it today. I didn't use any colorant or any other additives other than the light sprinkling on glitter on top. Even if it is all natural, how can I not add glitter?

Rosemary Mint - this one also has cream and has a combo of rosemary and peppermint essential oils. This is a very popular combo and to me, smells just like an Andes mint. YUM! I colored it with a tiny amount of chromium green oxide and it also has a sprinkling of glitter. I chose to pour my soaps at a fairly thin trace today as I wasn't in the mood for whips and fluff. (Weird right?)

Blackberry Cream - This one is scented with Black Raspberry Vanilla but I just made a batch with that scent and I'm just plain tired of calling it black raspberry. I'd much rather have a blackberry anyway. :) It also has cream and is colored with just a smidge of grape pop mica.

I'm very pleased with today's batches and it's always so nice for them to be successful. I think I can make one more batch of soap before I'm out of some important ingredients. So I'm off to Brambleberry.... it's time to order more glitter! :D


Milla said...

Very pretty! I like the name blackberry cream too!

agriffin said...

Very nice! Smooth creamy and wonderful looking!

Yay for hubby cleaning!

Linda said...

Beautiful soap. I'm curious where you get your fragrance for the lavender chamomile soap. I tried a chamomile lavender soap from this company while I was on vacation in the Carolinas - - and I LOVE it! It smells wonderful. I would love to try to make some myself but I am brand new to soapmaking and I don't really know how to pick fragrances very well or to mix them. These soaps I bought have a heavenly scent!

By the way, how do you like those molds that are shown in the picture?


Holly said...

Thanks! Hi Linda! Have you made any soap yet or are you still in study/research phase? For my chamomile lavender scent, I use an essential oil blend from Wholesale Supplies Plus. It is just one of my absolute favorites. I have not tried the blend any other way so I can't compare the one I use to any others. I love my molds! They come from Wholesale Supplies Plus as well. Do you participate in any soap making forums?