Friday, February 11, 2011

Chocolate Raspberry Bliss

I made this soap last night. It's named after my most favorite chocolate by the same name. This soap got very thick on me after i added the cream so I wasn't able to do as much with it. I imagined a high top with a drizzle of chocolate soap over the berries. It also started heating up, even in the small separated portions. So this one went straight into the freezer. I didn't even take the time to take a picture.

I grabbed it out of the freezer this morning and unmolded it right away while it was still nice and solid. I was able to cut it in the middle this afternoon and I found that it did not try to gel at all. I was worried about a partial gel. It was still really soft and I didn't want to continue cutting it . I was also happy to see that the stearic-type spots were only on the outside and everything looked good inside.

I will cut it more tomorrow!


Susannah Iredale said...

That looks good enough to eat. I bet it smells great.

A Life Deliberate Soap Co. Blog said...

I love your creativity! Another great soap!

tenth avenue soapworks said...

Yummy!! You'll never want to get out of the shower! Glad you were able to prevent gel and weren't caught with a partial.