Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cut Pic & Vanilla Changes

Buttermilk Tea Soap - CUT:

I wanted to show you how vanilla will change the color of a soap. Originally, the fragrance oil in the Fruit Loops batch turned the base yellow. A week later it remained unchanged but in the second week, it is changing every day. I don't expect it to get much darker.



The same is happening with my Chocolate Raspberry Bliss soap. Of course, I did know it would do this and considered it in my coloring of this batch and the Fruit Loops one as well.



Often times, people imagine a vanilla soap being very light-colored like vanilla ice cream, but in reality, it will be much darker like the vanilla bean itself. I've also had soap darken on me even though the fragrance didn't contain vanilla at all. That is always a bit puzzling and disappointing too if it interferes with the coloring of the soap.

I have thoughts of a new soap that will incorporate lots of vanilla, brown sugar, honey, chocolate, and possibly some almond. Mmmm.... I will need a few ingredients to make that one so that one will wait. You can bet my next one, whatever it is, will have heaps of glitter!


ANA said...

The soaps are very nice and, always, the artificial vanilla makes dark soaps. I just did one with natural vanilla. I put vanilla pod cut in half in sweet almond oil and sesame oil and some water boiled another vanilla bean and added, then with yogurt powder. Obviously, it not smells like if you used sintetic vanilla, but I love the color and the dots left by the natural vanilla in it.
I look forward to your new soaps bright. I have already prepared my order glitters and pop micas.

thesoapsister said...

I just love these! Very pretty. I've used Vanilla absolute in my HP soaps, and while it's expensive, "a little dab'll do ya" and it smells great, and my soap didn't get dark. I'm afraid the CP would eat it up, though.

Natural Aroma Beauty Handmade Soaps said...

Some truely beautiful soaps there:) that vanilla can be a pain sometimes! I made some cupcake bath bombs with a really pretty pink topping, I had some vanillin and not thinking, I added some thinking it would add that lovely smell we all love, I knew that vanilla EO and FO would turn brown, but I didn't think dried vanillin would. Next day they were all dark chocolate, I was so disapointed:(

Amy W said...

I didn't realize the Fruit Loops FO would discolor - that's good to know! I recently made a batch of Oakmoss with gorgeous earthy greens and some cream swirled in. Wouldn't you know, the whole thing is BROWN now. I actually like the way the chocolate raspberry has darkened. Looks rich!

Holly said...

Thank you. Yes, the vanilla darkening soaps is disappointing. I did try a fruit loops fo from a different supplier and it didn't have vanilla but it did darken as well. So I think the fruit loops is just plain going to darken.

I'd love to use vanilla absolute but I'm afraid that the CP would eat it up. Otherwise, wouldn't that be wonderful?!

Splurge Sisters said...

They are both lovely. I love the first one. Did you leave the white portion on the Vanilla one unscented? I like the contrast of the white and brown.

Holly said...

Thanks! Yep, the white top of the Fruit Loops soap is unscented. I did add a bit of titanium dioxide to the entire batch because the fragrance oil was very yellow so the white top become whiter. But I'm not quite sure why I did since the base was going to be brown anyway. :P It has darkened even more. I'm wondering when it's going to stop!

Splurge Sisters said...


Thanks, the soap still looks beautiful even if it goes a darker brown. It's hard to know how dark soaps will get sometimes.

Carmen said...

Preciosos Jabones, te felicito por tu trabajo, me encanta tu blog.

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