Saturday, September 10, 2011

Autumn Berry Soap

Today I made a new scent called Autumn Berry. It's a blend all my own of berries and autumnal spices. [Oh Lori... :)] I also broke in another new mold handcrafted by my super talented hubby. He cut it just this afternoon, put it together, brought it in the house to me, and I went right to work! I love it! It's my new favorite mold. I feel so old-school. I've gone back to wood molds, lining with freezer paper, and more hand cutting and trimming. The new bar size is a really fun change too!

I swirled the soap with a dusty violet, deep burgundy (well, maybe it's just going to be brown), gold, and white. I topped it off with some glitter and cranberry seeds.

The soap is in the freezer to rest until tomorrow and then I will cut it on Monday!

I'm off to work my magic in the real kitchen!


Jennifer Young said...

Hi Holly! I also use a wooden mould lately and wax paper liner. My batches get 40 soaps. What size are your bars? Mine are 5cm high, 7 cm wide and 3,1 cm thick. I love a thick bar. This one looks beautiful!! xo jen

Celine @ Soaperstar said...

That looks lovely! I'd love another mould, maybe longer than the one I have now, making twice as much (half as much work in the end of the day, huh? LOL). Love the sound of the berries combo too. Can't wait to see cut pics.

Holly said...

Thank you Jennifer and Celine! I am just loving being able to create in a larger area and then just cut it into loaves. I was only making one green loaf of each soap and I found that if we liked it and gave away a bar or two, it was just gone! So I wanted to make more of one kind each time. My bars in inches are 3 x 2.5 x 1.25. Just a smaller, thicker bar.

yngla said...

This batch is so beautiful! Love the colors of the swirl and the swirling is relly fab.
I´m a total newbie with only a few bathes made so far (no swirl) and your site is so inspiring!

Amy Warden said...

Can't wait to see how it comes out! I bet it smells so fabulous too! Your hubby did a great job on the mold. :)