Friday, September 2, 2011

Rice Flower and Shea Soap

Too many days have gone by and I've been dying to make some new soap. I needed to make something pink and pretty so I used one of my last remaining untouched bottles of fragrance, rice flower and shea. I was blown away with how wonderful that scent is! The top shows mostly a darker pink but the soap is a swirl of baby pink and dark pink. I'm super duper excited to cut this one. Oh and guess what? I'll be cutting it with my new soap cutter, made by my handy dandy husband.

My next batch will be a HUGE batch of Calendula Carrot Buttermilk soap but I first need to sand down the new slab/double loaf mold my husband made me. Did I mention he's handy? :)

I am so eager to make that batch. Turns out I do need some more olive oil before I can make it (it's going to be a 100oz batch!) so I'm thinking a Chick-Fil-A breakfast burrito and a trip to Costco is in order for the morning.

What's everyone doing this long weekend? We're staying home!

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