Saturday, September 3, 2011

Calendula Carrot Buttermilk Soap

This afternoon I tackled my huge batch of Calendula Carrot Buttermilk Soap and it definitely was not without it's hurdles. My buttermilk scorched and curdled for starters. What a pain but I think I got it all whipped into shape and solved the problem. I know now that 'slushy' will not work in the way I was trying to work it.

So like last time, this soap has pureed baby food carrots and a lighter colored swirl with poppy seeds. I made up a different EO blend this time and it's has just about all of them. :) I went through my drawer and just dumped them in for the most part. This soap is still going to be just 'lightly' scented. Some of the essential oils I used were lavender, sage, rosemary, lemon, spearmint, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I must say, it does smell great. The sage is the dominant scent by far. I did not use much of the essential oils that can be considered irritating.

My new mold is huge! The batch was 100oz! I usually only do 60oz. I will cut the soap into loaves and then into bars. Wish me luck! :) I'm hoping my quilting rulers will come in handy. The soap is resting in the freezer as I write this. I'm hoping I still don't get a partial gel.

I apologize for the poor pictures, a rainstorm moved through and made things very dark but I'm thankful for the rain.

I did cut my Rice Flower and Shea soap but I will have to wait until tomorrow for pictures.


Nancy Liedel said...

I don't always have anything to say, but I watch and read you like a hawk. At first, I wanted to make your soaps, but that's not my style. Now, I just watch the pretty and listen to your voice. It's nice and it helps me decide what to put in my videos, which will come on line soon. I usually stick my face in, but again, different style. I am.

Milla said...

Just beautiful Holly!

A Life Deliberate Soap Co. Blog said...

It looks like DIP!!! YUM!!! I happen to know this soap rox. I love the "gold" look to the top...almost looks brushed with mica or something. Gorgeous!