Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little Bit Behind

I completely forgot to post pictures from my mass soaping the other day! Hubs was home on Monday so I took the opportunity to lose myself in the soap kitchen for a while. I am wanting to soap all of the Twilight fragrances so I continued with four more of those. I've already soaped Alice and Bella if you remember. I soaped Edward, Jasper, Jacob, and Forks. This picture is in opposite order that I soaped them in.

Edward began to heat up in the mold and so I quick threw him (lol) in the freezer. I ended up with a partial gel. I was totally ok with the soap at cutting time.

Then this happened...

I'm still stewing over how to better soap this fragrance next time. I wish Alice could have let me in on that one. :-P

The next soap I did was Jasper. I wanted the same white top as Alice and Bella. (Did you notice I'm doing the same design only with different colors?) I was very happy with the coloring.

Then it changed as well. It only went to more of a lime instead of mint but I'm still ok with that!

As you see in the previous picture, Jacob has remained unchanged. Seems odd with him being a shape-shifter...well, whatever. :-)

I intended Forks to be darker but last minute the dark green I was going to do became gold. I didn't want to soap another green. However, the gold didn't end up showing up as anything other than cream. When I soap it again, I will make it a darker soap as Forks should be darker. But in general, I LOVE this soap!

Yesterday my morning started off kind of rough and by afternoon I was feeling so good and full of energy that all I wanted to do was make soap. So I soaped Carlisle and Esme. It wasn't all smooth sailing but thankfully, those two fragrances move super slow and I had plenty of time to work. Carlisle is blue/white and Esme is peach/white.

You'll have to check out my YouTube channel for the videos. I have making and cutting videos (eight total!) of Edward, Jasper, Jacob, and Forks up now. I will be uploading a video of making Carlisle and Esme later on today!


Lolò said...

Hi Holly!
I’m I big fan of yours, I love your videos!!! You’re just amazing…
Unfortunately I don’t speak a very good English therefore I don’t understand every single words you say. If you don’t mind I would like to ask you if you could write some of your recipes so that it would me more easily for me to traduce them.
Thank you very much!!!

Topcat said...

Well I think they all turned out fabulously and wow!... what has Edward got going on there? He is crazy different and I bet you couldn't repeat it if you tried! :)

Julia said...

Hello Holly, please, can you tell me your email?
My email is