Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How Fruitylicious Came To Be

On Tuesday, I soaped this lovely batch of soap called Fruitylicious. It is a fruity scent, strong on the pineapple, and has dollops of pink, purple, blue, orange, and green throughout the soap. Hidden inside are some beautiful yellow soap balls.

Here is how this soap came to be....

On Monday, I quite innocently went to work in my soap kitchen. I made two test batches to start. I made a Sweet Tarts scent and colored it orange. It's quite nice but I'm not sure if it will discolor. I also made a batch of strawberry. I knew that it would try to discolor but I really wanted a strawberry scent, just for me. I colored the batter pink and all was well until I added the fragrance. It immediately went to a funky tan color. I'm ok with that, I'm going for scent here.

Then I started with my Tart Apple soap. It was to be a yellow soap with green swirls throughout. Hmmm...yeah. That was until the fragrance seized like you wouldn't believe. I slopped in as much of the yellow into the mold that I could. Then I added in the green. It didn't have as much fragrance so it wasn't seized though it did start to clump a bit. I thought, ok, we'll just do a layer and back with the yellow. No. Way. Jose. The yellow was barely even scoopable! It was hard! So I jazzed up the top of the green top layer, suh-macked it around, and hoped that I knocked out most of the air pockets. It's going to be a super small soap when cut, but I do hope that it will still be pleasing to the eye. I have no doubt that the nose will be happy. Now, I *could* soap this fragrance again, granted I went with one color and got it in the mold ASAP. I used Grannie's Green Apple fragrance from Rustic Escentuals just so y'all know for future reference. The info on the site says it "Soaps beautifully with no A or D, scent holds true without morphing." Not to be negative to RE, their tester maybe did work super fast and didn't have any issue. I on the other hand... YIKES!

The remainder of the soap I scooped up with my hands and rolled into balls. By the time I'd made five of them, the remaining soap was dry and crumbly. I attempted to press that into some citrus molds but those were a complete loss. So here's hoping that those soap balls hold together!

I can't wait to cut my soap today!!! If it falls apart, well, I figure I'm going to have some pretty awesome soap to embed into yet another batch!

So there is the story behind Fruitylicious soap. I will always prevail over a 'bad' batch and I'll make it prettier than ever! So you gremlins, if you stay around too long, you're going to get a makeover and you're going to LIKE IT!


A Life Deliberate Soap Co. Blog said...

YEAH!!! Great comeback, Hol. One of my very favorite soaps of yours!

Topcat said...

Lol about the gremlins!!!! Gorgeous soaps <3

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Smart idea to make balls when soap seizes like that. The Fruitylicious one is so pretty.