Friday, February 10, 2012

Soaping Area Tag

After reading this post over at The Soap Sister blog, I was inspired to share my own soaping area. Like many soapers, I love to see where everyone works and store their supplies. It has taken me all week to take these pictures because I wanted to wait for a time when everything was nice and straightened up. :)

This is the table I work on. I move it over so there is a space between the table and the desk. My supplies then are behind me on the shelf (as you will soon see) and easy to reach when soaping. I cool my lye and then my soap in front of those fans on the desk. This desk used to be my sewing desk, before soap came into my life. So those containers underneath the desk contain all of my sewing supplies.

This shelf is invaluable. It has my microwave and all my supplies here. Some of the supplies overflow to the desk and ledge behind the desk, but I NEED that shelf and the table.

Bad lighting here but it does show the whole 'area' that I soap in. In my daydreams, I design the counter and sink that would go right where the desk is. :)

Then this ledge is where I store my soap. I actually have much more soap than that, but I've boxed up the soaps that weren't necessarily to my liking scent or color-wise. It's still good soap so I am keeping it for 'just in case.' Just in case we have some sort of natural disaster that we would need the extra soap. Just in case I decide that I'm bored of soap again. Shocking I know, but it has happened before and I stopped soaping for over a year.

I also did a soap shelf update video and a look around my soap room.


Cajunrose said...

Love the tour around your soaping area! Thanks for sharing!

The Soap Sister said...

Hi Holly! Boy that's a great place to work! Lots of natural light -and a KITTY too -I'm officially jealous, I think. ;) Thanks for playing soap room tag. ~Becky

Adam & Eve Soap said...

It looks so tidy, you are very organized. Thank you for sharing.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Oh...thanks for showing us. I too love to see how others soap. I have a friend whose husband is building her a soap room in their really cool barn. Makes me jealous.
So love your organization of all your supplies. very nice

Holly said...

Thank you! I'd really love to make more of my space but for now I'm just happy I don't have to work in the kitchen.