Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lilacs In Bloom Soap

Hi all! I hope my US friends and followers have had a great Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving has been wonderful. My mom and I spent all of Wednesday making pies and cinnamon rolls and all sorts of goodies for Thanksgiving Day. My mom makes a superb Thanksgiving meal. We munch on Chex mix and sip cranberry tea and just have a lovely time. So fun!

Anyhoo....all that to say that I was so wrapped up in festivies and being entertained by cute kids, that I forgot I had made this Lilacs in Bloom soap last weekend. I thought I'd have the video for you on Wednesday but Saturday works too right?

I love a good lilac soap, especially when the weather turns cooler. It reminds me of the Spring to come. This soap has a purple and pink swirl with little piped drop flowers on the top. I really had fun making this one and I may do some more piping in the future.

This picture isn't showing the colors like it should. It's a really lovely purple and pink.

This week I'm going to spend jazzing (cleaning up with the planer, beveling, etc.) up the 8 batches of soap that I have sitting around that is needing to get on the curing shelf, all lined up nice and pretty. I might be able to fit in some soap making...we'll see!


Jenny said...

Gorgeous, Holly! I love the colors and the piping is fantastic.

Cee Gee said...

Beautiful! I love the piping on pretty Holly =)

Laura said...

So pretty Holly, I love the piped flowers!! Looks like you found the perfect tip!

Anne-Marie said...

What gorgeous soap, the piping is just amazing!

Holly said...

Thank you ladies! This was so fun to make! Love lilacs!