Friday, November 2, 2012

Wild Island Breeze Soap

Thank you to all my followers from here at my blog, my You Tube channel and my Facebook page for offering such awesome name suggestions for this soap. I chose to go with a blend of name suggestions just as the fragrance was quite the mish mosh of fragrances.

Though I loved the way the swirl in the Wild Mountain Honey soap turned out, I am even happier with this one. I think I can rest easy with my swirl capabilities and take a break from the slab mold. It is a real pain to cut and clean the bars!

Just a one bar picture again as I am waiting for the new planer to clean up the remaining bars.

I have placed my orders for supplies so I'll be taking a little break while I wait for supplies to come in. One day, I'll order supplies before I run out.

In the mean time, I'll be working on my packaging. Hint hint. Whatever could that mean? :-)


Milla said...

Your swirls are beautiful! Successful swirls accomplished!

Magdoline Hammad said...

Hey there, I love your logo, can you tell me who made it for you?

Holly said...

Thank you! Magdoline - I designed the logo myself. I'm happy you like it!

Magdoline Hammad said...

It's very very nice, like it was professionally done. If you would like to make mines let me know, ha ha ha.