Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sparkling Dumb Soap

Er...Sparkling Plum Soap. Yeah, well, I've been calling it Sparkling Dumb Soap since yesterday afternoon. I was so excited to cut this one and was so disappointed to find the yellow inside. The same soap in the topping isn't really yellow but it is definitely yellow inside. I was going for a brisk white, or at the very least a cream color. I also had troubles cutting this one, it was soft but crumbly. I let it rest a day longer and it cut much better. I found I still had the crumblies until I realized it was my beautiful purple knife causing the problem. :( So I'm back to my trusty, rustic wooden handled knife to do the work. We can always trust the oldie but goodies can't we? I had some other troubles with this soap but I won't go into that and you'll be grateful. :)

Bottom line: I'm ok with it. I'm not thrilled and still feel somewhat jilted by it, but I'm coming around and I truly can see the beauty in this soap. (Though I wish I would have let some other bars take the lead in at lease some of the pictures... :P)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sparkling Plum Soap

I squeezed in another holiday soap batch this evening. This is a plum scented soap and I did an ITP swirl with white, maroon, and purple. The white looks yellow in the pictures but I really do think it's more on the white side. I'll have to wait and see it in the daylight tomorrow. I embedded purple soap balls throughout the soap as well as on the top. I had to give this one plenty of glitter. I NEEDED to glitter something. :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bonfire Bliss Soap

I soaped this one yesterday afternoon and didn't take pictures or even look at the video. The fragrance accelerated and seemed to rice on me and I gave it the cold shoulder for the rest of the day. :)

Today I cut the soap and I was quite pleased with the results. This scent is so pretty and perfect for Fall. It's a sweet smell with notes of dried leaves. It's much more complex than that though.

Here it is in the mold, after it had rested in the mold overnight:

It cut very nicely and I'm really excited with how it turned out!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Results from Saturday

Here are the results from Saturday. I actually did all of this on Sunday and then forgot about my little ol' blog. Oops! :)

Grape-scented grapes soap:

Grape-scented cow(so cute!):

The test soaps:

Sparkling Plum and Christmas Wreath - the sparkling plum was the yellowest of the all the tests:

Bonfire Bliss and Winter Wonderland:

Sparkling Poinsettia and Cantaloupe Lily:

I will keep an eye out and see how they change in the next few days to few weeks before I soap the rest of the fragrance oils.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soaping Saturday

I was back in the soap kitchen today after a very long three week hiatus. It was fun but it was also work. I worked with some individual molds. I don't particularly enjoy using them but sometimes ya just gotta.

First I made a batch of grape soda scented soap in my grapes/vine mold. It's colored light purple. I also made three little grapes cows. I way over-estimated my batch so I was able to make 6 hearts as well. These soaps will be for my mom to give away as holiday gifts.

The other part of my soaping extravaganza was to do some fragrance testing. I want to make some holiday soaps and I just felt I should do some testing first. I want to prepare some embeds but if the fragrances totally go awry, I'd just rather not waste my time.

So I mixed up my 6 different fragrances in their batters and added them to the cupcake liners. I had plenty left over so was able to make little thin soaps in the flower molds as well. I sprinkled them with colored glitter to keep them straight as they all looked the same in the mold.

Sparkling Plum:

Christmas Wreath:

Bonfire Bliss:

Winter Wonderland:

Sparkling Poinsettias:

Cantaloupe Lily:

The Cantaloupe Lily is not a holiday scent but was a clearance item so I figured I ought to test it anyway. I must say, I loved all of the fragrances! That rarely happens. I'm really excited to watch them and see what happens in this next week before I can start soaping them.

Stay tuned!