Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seriously Out of Practice

I was so excited to make this batch but I was impatient and forgetful and I have a so-so batch to show for it. This is my Groovy Goat Milk Soap. I soaped it way too hot and ended up with super thick batter and I didn't have time to play with it at all. Then I got a partial gel because even though it was super hot, I still put the fan on it. :p I scented it with Hippy Christmas from NG but I must say that it just smells like 1980's granny perfume to me. It isn't totally unpleasant so at least I'll use it. I'm pretty sure my husband won't even venture to touch it. I'm thankful I only had 2 oz of the fo and used it all up. Bleh. Anyhoo- I guess I need batches like this to help me to remember why I keep my oil and lye cool, etc. Next time I'll have my head in the game!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Reason I Haven't Been Soaping

I ordered a fleece animal pattern book just a few days after I found out my brother's wife was expecting their first child. I just wanted to make something fun for the new baby. The book also had a pattern for a sheep called Lulu. My sister-in-law collects sheep of all kinds and so I couldn't resist making one for her. I have been busy making fleece animals for a couple of weeks and the baby shower was yesterday. So now I can post pictures!

Lulu and Baby Bunny:

Baby Bunny:

Lulu before getting her make-up:

My kids all want animals too. My daughter chose the "mommy bunny" and named her Holly. :)

My oldest wants a panda and my middlest (we call him this and he giggles) wants a puppy. I don't have the fabric to get started on those so I'm hoping to make some soap this week. I'm thinking something holiday scented. Mmmm...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Julia's Strawberry Soap

My boys have been gone this week so my daughter and I decided we needed a special project to work on. I had just 4 oz of melt and pour soap left and with it we made strawberry soap. I colored it using raspberry pop mica. They turned out so cute!

It's an invasion of pink as my husband surprised me with a new sewing machine and it's pink! My new machine is a Singer Curvy and I have all my supplies to begin on a new project. It's going to be super cute too!