Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Reason I Haven't Been Soaping

I ordered a fleece animal pattern book just a few days after I found out my brother's wife was expecting their first child. I just wanted to make something fun for the new baby. The book also had a pattern for a sheep called Lulu. My sister-in-law collects sheep of all kinds and so I couldn't resist making one for her. I have been busy making fleece animals for a couple of weeks and the baby shower was yesterday. So now I can post pictures!

Lulu and Baby Bunny:

Baby Bunny:

Lulu before getting her make-up:

My kids all want animals too. My daughter chose the "mommy bunny" and named her Holly. :)

My oldest wants a panda and my middlest (we call him this and he giggles) wants a puppy. I don't have the fabric to get started on those so I'm hoping to make some soap this week. I'm thinking something holiday scented. Mmmm...


Courtney R Beard said...

Oh my word - I want a sheep so bad. For me. To snuggle with at night. :) Such talent, good job!

Amy W said...

These are so cute, Holly! I made some fleece animals for my girls for Christmas about 3 years ago, but they didn't have the personality that these have. :) The "wool" on the sheep is such a great detail!

Topcat said...

Okay, you are officially mega talented Holly! I looooove your sheepy and bunny and I want an elephant one :D