Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alice, Bella, and a Face Soap

It's been a while again since I was in the soap kitchen. I pretty much only soap on the weekends and when we head out of town for one or two of them, the soaping becomes fewer and farther between. Today I made up for it all and made three different soaps.

The first I worked on was a facial soap just for myself. I have very oily skin and I'm always on a search for something that will work. I made a mostly castile batch (I know, probably should call it a bastile) and added french green clay along with tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils.

The other two soaps I made are 'Alice' and 'Bella' and I used the same named fragrances from Majestic Mountain Sage. I received the fragrances by way of my friend Athena that owns Simply Eden Bath and Body. I had emailed her to get her opinion on some of the Twilight fragrances and she generously offered to sell some to me from her stock. She gave me a great deal and I've been so excited to soap the fragrances. It was hard to go downstairs and see the bottles sitting on my clean table with clean equipment next to them. I'm eager to try the Jacob fragrance soon.

Alice is a blend of sparkling orange, lemon, and linen. It is an amazing scent! I colored the soap predominately pink with a little white on top to swirl.

Then I soaped the Bella fragrance which is a blend of lavender and freesia. It is a soft floral and I found it to be fresh and lovely. Florals often give me a headache but this one did not. Bella is predominately purple with white to swirl the top.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Such pretty thick swirls. Love them!

*Anna* said...

Wow, amazing! I love your soaps, they are sooo pretty♥


Holly said...

Thank you!

Milla said...

I just love how your tops are fluffy and seem to glow. so pretty!