Monday, September 19, 2011

A Little Peek

Here is a little peek at Happily Ever After. It's out of the mold and resting comfortably. I do believe I'll try cutting it tomorrow afternoon.


Jennifer Young said...

Beautiful!! Can you tell me about your liner paper? It looks so simple!! xo Jen

Celine @ Soaperstar said...

That is just sooooooooooo lovely!

Tina said...

Grandios! You make wonderful soaps!
Greetings from Austria

Holly said...

Thank you Ladies!

Jennifer - The liner paper is just freezer paper. This mold is small enough that I can use just one big piece. So I pull some off the roll and lay it on the top and just use my fingers to crease/press the lines. Then I fold and cut. So easy! I've thought about buying some silicone mats and cutting a piece for each flat side and then taping them. So it would lay flat outside the mold but fold up inside. I don't gel so the tape wouldn't be exposed to the heat.