Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's New in the Soap Zone

Hi all! I've decided that I'm just pathetic at this blogging thing. I spend a lot of my social media time on Facebook and in my new Facebook group. Facebook has made it difficult for businesses to continue to have the visibility that we are used to. They don't always share the posts in your feed. Even if you like and share the posts, you aren't always going to get a 'liked' page's post in your feed when it is posted. I know they say to check 'Get Notifications' and/or 'Add to Interest List' to help out but it still doesn't work that great. I have started my Facebook group for my business so the members have a better chance to see pictures, updates on listings, etc.. It has also been a fun place to chat and I've had much more interaction with the members. I do hope you'll come join us. It's fun!

I've been quite busy in the soap zone recently but not all of it is video worthy. The soap batches have been fewer and farther between as I begin prepping for my next listing, which will be May 25th, over at my Big Cartel store. In the coming days, I will be announcing the time frame that I will be listing. I try for a time on Sunday afternoon that is post-church and pre-dinner for most time zones in the US. I know it isn't always going to work for everyone but it seems to be one of the better time frames. I have quite a bit of stock with this listing. There will be some listed that don't have as much inventory because they were tests, limited editions, etc.. I expect those to go very fast but hopefully the rest of the soaps will hold on for a few hours at least. I won't have much for wax melts with this listing. What I do have will be the scent I designed for Gourding Around. If you've ordered from them and were fortunate to receive a wax melt in their scent, now you can come get some directly from my store...with Jodi's blessing of course!

Here is a peek at what is going on this morning...

Most recent soap gear all cleaned up and ready to be made dirty again!

A little over half of the Rainbow batch needing beveled before going on the curing shelf. There is a lot of this one but I still doubt it will be enough. More will have to be made soon!

Curing shelves are getting very full!

A custom/wholesale order for a friend ready to be packed up on the left. ButterCream Babies soap on the right still needing split, cut, and beveled. That one is made with three luxurious butters and a wonderful milk combo of goats milk, cows cream, whole cows milk, and goat milk yogurt. It is an unscented soap. I know unscented soaps aren't that popular but I love them so I will continue to make them. Every time I work downstairs, I melt down some of those old candles and pour out the wax so that I can wash up the containers.

(Left to right)
Top shelf: Summer Love Soap, Camocado Soap
Top middle shelf: Crema y Cacao Soap, Sweet Pink Camo Soap
Bottom middle shelf: Princess Kisses Soap, Crema y Cacao Soap off cuts, White Apricot Tea Soap
Bottom shelf: Odds and ends soaps to the left, more Crema y Cacao Soap off cuts, Apple Mint Goat Milk Soap, Watermelon Peach Goat Milk Soap, Blueberry Fig Goat Milk Soap

Top shelf: Figgy Cream Soap
Top middle shelf: Wild Island Breeze Soap
Bottom middle shelf: Half of the Rainbow soap batch
Bottom shelf: Sparkle Fruit Salad Soap

I'm hoping to make some more soap today. I'm not quite sure I'll have a spot to put it but I'm determined anyway!

On another note, we have a new, little kitten. Meet Lily!


Luster Canyon said...

Your soapies all lined up are just gorgeous!!! Love the camo ones and your layer soap is so nicely done, the rainbow is beautiful!!

Cindy said...

Everything looks great and you've done such a nice job! Really like your organization. Love your new member of the family also... she's so sweet and looks very content :)

Puschen, Seife und Co. said...

I love reading your blog because of all the great soaps. But now, even more, because of cute little Lily!!! Hope to see more pics of her.

Unknown said...

nice soap