Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cutting Day!

Sprinkles & Twinkles 2012 Edition

Plain & Simple

The Meadow - a floral/grassy scent - I'm not super impressed with this but it smells good and it doesn't look so I will allow it to be a success - I'm quite sure I'd make it again but with a simpler design so I can get it in the mold faster .

Volturi - this scent makes me think 'old world' whenever I sniff it. It's cedar, patchouli, lime, lavender, and amber - since this one was so shallow in the mold, I cut it into three large bars and then trimmed the top off - I must say, I especially love the air pockets!

I have plans this week to retake pics of all the Twilight series soaps to pair them up and also for you to see how they have changed.


Dörte said...

wunderschöne Seifen, die erste ist so frisch und fröhlich, sehr schön!

liebe Grüße

Amy W said...

Great soaps - even if not what you expected. I'm looking forward to the Twilight soap update!

Ambra said...

I especially love the meadow. Just such lovely colours.

miscellanea said...

The meadow has such beautiful "springy" colours. I like it. But the Volturi scented one with the air pockets is also very nice.

Topcat said...

They are all gorgeous but my favourite is still Sprinkles and Twinkles. It is such a happy soap!