Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soap Challenge - Week 2 - In The Mold

Ok, so another challenge soap has been made! Our challenge this week was to make a milk soap. I have made a full goat milk soap by very slowly sprinkling the lye into the refrigerated goat milk. That took me about 30 minutes but it sure didn't burn! The second full milk soap I made was for my Calendula Carrot Buttermilk soap. The buttermilk curdled on me terribly but my buttermilk was slushy and not frozen solid. Of course, I often add smaller amounts of goat milk or coconut milk or cream, etc.. I'm quite used to making soap that way. So today's soap was a new challenge for me. My goal was to use solid frozen milk and sprinkle the lye over it and blend it without burning. I succeeded!

I used four different kinds of milk in the one batch. I used goat milk, buttermilk, coconut milk, and cream. Talk about creamy! Nice! I kept it simple and added no coloring. The scent blend is an EO blend of grapefruit, litsea, and lime with a tad bit of white vanilla fragrance oil. I have used it before in a tangerine soap and it did not discolor. We shall see how it works this time! The soap smells SO GOOD! I poured it in a slab mold because I wasn't sure how hot everything was going to get but I do believe that it would have been fine in a loaf.

I managed to lose my voice this morning but I found it by this afternoon so I was able to make a video. It was all good timing as my voice is going away again. I hope I don't sound too gnarly in the video!

I'll see you Saturday for the big reveal!


Adam & Eve Soap said...

Hi Holly,
Thanks again for such a lovely video and showing the whole lye milk blending.
I'm sure the soap will smell wonderfull.
Could you tell me why you use sodium lactate in your soap?
Is it a sort of preservative?
XX Carol

Holly said...

Thank you! I use the sodium lactate because it helps the soap to harden faster and also a harder bar lasts longer. I think it is especially beneficial since my soaps are ungelled.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Very nice, looks super gentle. Wish I could smell it too!

WhiskandBowl said...

This helped me a lot! I have friends requesting a plain goat milk soap and I've never done a milk soap before! You make it look so easy

Holly said...

Thanks! I really think the key is to use big chunks of milk so they don't melt too fast.