Monday, March 12, 2012

Taking A Break

Spring has pretty much arrived in Missouri! The temperature is in the 70's, my lilac is leafing out, the tulips are popping up, and it's time to get parts of my little gardens planted!

Soon I will be showcasing the Twilight soaps as a set. I have been waiting for some nice sunny days and it seems like this week will be it for that! But I may not do much soap wise after that.

As the blog and youtube has already been quiet, I just wanted to let you know that the blog posts will still be few and far between and I have no plans for any YouTube videos aside from the Twilight wrap-up. This is often what I do in the Spring/Summer months. We all know I have plenty of soap sitting around to use up!

I will also admit that I am very discouraged. I have had the unfortunate experience of discovering just HOW mean other soapers are. I mean really, I've been AROUND, I KNOW what it's like out there but this crossed the line.

I chose to leave a comment on a certain blog this weekend and I've now been blocked. I left a comment that voiced my opinion but was respectful and not harsh. Much ensued after that and I no longer commented. Now this blog writer has changed titles, re-worded their posts, deleted comments, and has not allowed any further commenting. The most important part of this situation is that the content was re-worded and then the majority of the comments left to be viewed. Interesting how it will be perceived now. It's one thing to have a blog to voice a personal opinion and it's another to slander a person and or business. There in the lies the main problem.

So it's time for a break. Every now and again we all need a break. This is not my business and I do have the ability to just walk away for a while and rediscover what it is about soap that I truly love.


Celine Blacow said...

Ohhh I love your videos Holly!!! And yes, that other affair does leave a nasty taste in one's mouth.

Enjoy your break and I hope this is a good Summer for us all!

Remember, there are other blogs to check out, if you get the urge! xx

Joanna said...

What a shame you feel that way. I for one will miss your soaping videos, hope you come back soon x

Jean said...

Hard to believe adults chose to behave so immaturely. I was a fan but am completely turned off now.

Cocobong Soaps said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holly said...

Thank you!

Cocobong - First, my name is Holly and not the Heidi that was posting comments. That does make a difference.

Second, calling a soap maker out by name and making them to look poorly is slander in my opinion. Considering that soap maker didn't even comment on your blog.

Third, changing the wording and clarifying your viewpoint on the 'coloring' issue was commendable. I tried to comment as such but could not. However, not specifying that you were updating the blog post to clarify and then leaving all the comments sure does spin it all a different way does it not? You can do what you want on your blog, but calling people out when you don't have a clue who they are, what they have done, how they are reacting to their fan's opinions, possibly preventing sales (though not likely) just wrong.

(Note: I stumbled upon the post on my own accord and based my opinion on what I read. Nothing more.)

Lastly, I don't have access to your blog now. So of course, I would consider myself blocked. But it seems that the blog is not available to the public now anyhow.

Holly said...

I'm not here to argue, just voicing my opinion on the matter because I felt there was wrong-doing involved and by not being allowed to view or comment on the blog, this is the only place I could share.

Please note, I did not publicly state the blog name or owner of the blog until it was made known in the comments by the blog owner.

Pipestone Soaps said...

I love watching you soap and read your blog :) Hope to see you again soon and enjoy your break. :) ~Sacha

Joanna said...

I too have been denied permission, oh well :)

Dragon (Karen) said...

I hope you have a great break ... and I look forward to you coming back and making more wonderful vidoes and blog entries.

I love comments being left on my blog, but these recent events are worrying.

I too have been denied permission to return to that blog, but that is their right and I'm already over it.

I love it that we have so many wonderful soaping blogs to visit and read. So now I'll find a couple more to replace the two I can't access ... not sure if those two are connected or whether it's just a coincidence.

Love your blog!

Topcat said...

I wasn't involved in the 'fracas' in any way and I too can't access a certain blog anymore. Very interesting isn't it.... ;)

Enjoy your break Holly and have a lovely spring/summer. I am expecting to see some wonderful new inspirational soaps from you later in the year xxx

Holly said...

So...Cocobong deleted their comment. I do have it in email of course. Not sure what that means???

Head 2Toe said...

I am disappointed that you are taking a break as I LOVE your blog. Your blog is always the first one I go to. I understand completely though and hope you have a great summer with your family and look forward to your passion coming back again and seeing your creativity. This is coming from a fan in Canada!

greencheek said...

Noooo! No hiatus! I am having withdrawals! Please come back and make more soap vids!

greencheek said...

No!!! Please don't go on break. You are my fave soapmaker and YT channel. Come back soon!