Friday, March 2, 2012

The Meadow and Volturi - In The Mold

I soaped these on Wednesday and they both seized on me. They were the most unworkable of the entire series. I didn't even take pictures on that day because I was so disgusted with them. :-)

I think I was able to work The Meadow enough and hopefully there aren't too many air pockets. The Meadow does smell wonderful and has three greens, two purples, and white.

Volturi seized so bad that the color I was going to put on the top part became completely unworkable and I had to just forget it. It was a situation very much like the Tart Apple batch.

I do hope I'll be able to salvage them!


Nancy Liedel said...

When seized, fight back by re batching!! Yes, re batching is your friend. Embrace it. Two crock pots, two molds. If you have any of the scent left. Grind the original down to a pulp, put it in a crock-pot with some water and melt that puppy. In the meantime, remake the soap in the other crock pot (they are cheap and can be found at garage sales). Now when they are both gelled, add scent and color to the crock pot soap that is new and admit that the odd grey color you have in the other crock pot is something you cannot fix.

I mix them using the spoon one color, then the other in odd layers until I have what I want. Pack it up, it's already gelled (Yes, I know you do not normally gel) and let it sit. It's a good way to work with a first time seizing issue.

In the future just take an FO that you know seizes and crock pot it from the start. I know it's new to you, at least I've never seen you do it, but it's wonderful for the perfect scent that misbehaves.


Holly said...

Great info. I can see rebatching if something is lye heavy, etc., but my soap is fine to use, it just has more air pockets than I would prefer and just not as pretty as I'd like. If I have a seizer, I just know what to do the next time. I can usually work them if I only use one color. Usually I don't even care to soap them again. There are too many fragrances out there to be stuck with one that misbehaves. Way before I started this blog, all I did was crock pot hot process. It got me started but I didn't really care for it much. That is why I quit making soap for a year or so. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to comment! I do appreciate it!