Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soap Challenge - Week 1

Here we go! This week's challenge was an ITP (In The Pot) swirl. We were to challenge ourselves and swirl more colors so I chose to swirl 8 colors. Now, I thought I'd swirled 6 or 7 colors before so that is why I went with 8 colors. I remembered however, that I've done a 6 or 7 color swirl ITM (In The Mold) and not ITP. :-) The most I've swirled ITP is 3 if I'm remembering right.

So here are the results!

Now go to Amy's soap blog if you haven't already and check out all the others!

This next week's challenge is a milk soap. I've soaped buttermilk, cream, goat milk, and coconut milk. To challenge myself, I've come up with an idea and we'll see if it pans out.

Of course, I can't just make one soap at a time so while I was at it the other day, I made a spring floral soap that I'm calling Blossom soap. It is a scent blend of tulips, hyacinth, green grass, and spring rains. It was perfect for this week as we had rain all week long and today my lilacs are in almost full bloom and my tulips are blooming! It's a beautiful day and the sun is shining. Coming out of that rain to such a beautiful day full of color, gives a person a skip in their step and cheer in their heart. :-)

The pics aren't great but I've got better things to do today than to go retake the pictures. ;-)

Here are the videos for those that are interested!

The view from my living room window this morning!

Kat is enjoying the nice weather and doing some bird watching!

The kids and I are all sick with colds but it's such a beautiful day that we're going to get out and soak up some sunshine. Hubby is out cleaning out the garage and firing up the Evinrude on this beautiful day. The day the boat gets fired up and the engine checked is the day that Spring is officially here for us! Later I do believe we'll load up in the truck, get an iced coffee from Starbucks, and go for a drive. I bet the golf courses are packed today!


Amy W said...

Isn't it funny how we fret about how our soap is going to turn out, and then it ends up being absolutely fabulous?? said...

wow, such a lovely swirl!!! Interesting colour combination, I really like it!


twobloomsdesignstudio said...


Your cat is so cute. You have been busy and your soap turned out great. I have a soap called blossom too but mine it blue. I like the white.


The Soap Sister said...

Oh oh oh -love that ITP swirl, girl! I think I have "swirl envy" ;) Nice job!

Topcat said...

I love all your pics Holly... especially the view from your window!

The last soapy pic of that gorgeous top view is breathtaking too:)

Holly said...

Thank you! My swirl soap definitely turned out better than I thought! Yay!